Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Management Services

Landmark Safety’s OH&S Management Services are designed to bring your company a cost effective way to manage all your OH&S needs. Under our monthly retainer contract, your company has access to services including, but not limited to, the following:

Health & Safety Management Systems - Landmark Safety will develop and implement the core part of your OH&S program. Components of your Safety Management System will include:

- Mangement leadership engagement              - Worker participation engagement             - Coordination & communication with multi-client worksites

- Hazard identification & assessment              - Program evaluation & improvement         - Education & training     

Inspections and Audits - Facilities and job site inspections are designed with continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in your work environment. Landmark Safety will provide your company with a system that produces leading indicators to assist with predicting and preventing future incidents.

Training - We evaluate regulatory requirement, industry best practices and client specific training and then plan the best cost effective way of training your employees. Items to consider are: training plan, training matrix, employee training documentation, auditing of training all included in the retainer services.

Some other items included:  Safety Meetings, Behavior Based Safety trending, Safety topic distribution, Occupational Medical Clinic monitoring and more.

Once on board, your company will come to recognize Landmark Safety as your go to safety department working hand in hand with your organization.

Occupational Health & Safety Professionals - The requirements we monitor go beyond just OSHA regulations.  We have expertise in USCG, DOT, PHMSA, BESSE, industry best practices in the oil & gas, blending and chemical manufacturing plants, construction, surveying and other vertical related regulations.